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This is the Remix: Saturday Night Vibes

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"- Charles Caleb Colton

As soon I saw the images of Zoe Kravitz' wedding rehearsal outfit I knew I needed to recreate it! Like how could I not?! Now I wont bore you all with random factoids, like how the same day I saw the picture, my best friend {Hi Kodance} - DM'd me the same exact image with the message "you def need to do something like this-not white tho". Even when we are 2,000 miles apart we still seem to think the same! Another factoid that I wont bore ya'll with is how the company sent me the wrong size shorts! Ugh! But with the spirit of Tim Gunn, I made it work! Shout out to my girl Nina for capturing this look so perfectly! Enough of the yip-yap lets get to the remix.

Zoe's Look: Danielle Frankel custom hand crochet pearl cocktail dress with a silk bra and bike shorts. Cost: Unknown, meaning your girl can't afford it!

Her Look

The Remix: Two parts Nasty Gal + 1 Part Forever 21 + A Dash of Naika = YASSSS! Fuck It Up! Cost: $60! Including shipping! Affordable! Accessible! Chic!

Apparently I was blinded by my highlight, that's why my eyes are closed!

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