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Plaid Not Preppy

Look there's nothing wrong with being preppy, I've been known to rock some boat shoes, letterman jacket and even a tennis bracelet! On the topic of preppy, can we universally agree that popped collars are ridiculous and makes you look like a vampire who was sent to boarding school. I'm not here to bash popped collars and those who pop them, it just had to be said. Moving on, I first saw these ASOS high-waisted plaid trousers while I was scrolling aimlessly on Instagram, (follow me, shameless plug) as soon as I spotted them on PeakMill a beauty and hair influencer I follow, I knew immediately that I had to have them! She had styled her look with a burnt orange oversized button down shirt and a gorgeous cognac colored belt. She looked like a dream. I tapped the photo to see of the designer was tagged and bless it was! ASOS!

I grabbed my laptop and began my search, after a couple of hours or so, I got distracted adding things to my cart I will never purchase unless I got a sugar daddy (Attention potential daddies please email me your credentials and social media link)... I found the pants!

I don't know about you guys but I find it stressful and challenging purchasing pants or any sort of bottoms online. I never know what size to purchase, I normally always go for the bigger size. My thought process is I could always get it tailored. I also tell myself that I could also just exchange/return it, but let's be real here, I am not doing that. I would rather gift it or sell it on Poshmark.

With a shaky hand I place a size 6 in my cart and went on a quest for a coupon code. After finding a random 17% off code, I placed my order. When it came in I knew exactly how I'd style it, and it just so happens my bestie and fave photographer was in town for legit a day! So I had to flick it up!

Outfit Details: jacket, similar sweater, pants, similar belt and bag

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