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Sidewalk Siren No. 3: Shirts & Skins

When I was younger I would always take note of women walking down the street wearing shorts, skirt and dresses that showed off their beautiful legs, and it made me green with envy. I'd looked, let me rephrase that, I gawked at them walking by wishing I had their legs and/or their confidence. I would wish I had the tenacity to be comfortable being seen wearing anything that remotely showed my legs. I always wore tights, always, no matter the weather! If it was short, I'd pair it tights with it. Luckily for me, this was before and during the time when pairing tights with everything was uber trendy. So I just masked my fear as a fashion trend.

In my early-to-mid twenties while visiting a friend, I decided I would give bare legs a try... okay okay honestly speaking, it was my only option. That day, as I was getting dressed, I noticed that all my tights had noticeable rips in them; that, tacked on to a temperature of 98ºF, what was a girl to do? All signs pointed towards me pushing my fears aside and finally being seen in public with my bare legs. When I took my first steps out the house, I awaited angry townspeople shouting for me to go back inside; obviously when the torch welding villagers never arrived I started the walk to my destination. I was still very apprehensive and nervous that someone would stop, point or stare at my flawed legs, so throughout my walk I stayed alert. By the time I reached my destination and nothing out of the ordinary (catcalls ewww) occurred, I exhaled the biggest sigh of relief. Ever since that day I have grown more and more comfortable with my legs, there are days when I forget that I overcame this fear, I forget that I have great gams, but then I remind myself that I am a goddess and I need to love myself in all my glory.

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