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Summer Sessions & Seasonal Struggles


We still have over a month before Summer is officially over, so I thought I'd post a few of my favorite bikini looks! As someone who was (at times, still) terrified of wearing "typical" swimsuits, this post is a bit hard to type. It was not until I was 23 before I bought and wore my first bikini. My beach go-to's were always oversize shirts and men's gym shorts, everyone would question why I was covered up. Or why never I took off the oversized garbs once they found out I was wearing a swimsuit underneath. I could never think of an answer that would make sense to someone who wasn't in my position. It is seasonal struggle that many of us face. Anyways, enough sad talk! Check out my favorite bikini looks.


Beach Blanket: Donut Blanket and Float: Donut Pool Float

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