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Carry On: A Second in Sin City

Over a year ago my best friend relocated 2500 miles away, from New York to Las Vegas! I know the devastation! We FaceTime and text on the regular but obviously it wasn't and still not enough. So after 8 months of not physically seeing one another (she came into town for work and my b-day), I randomly text her to ask about her upcoming schedule and a few days later I was purchasing flights and hopping planes. Due to bullshit things like work schedules I only had a few hours to soak in Sin City! Check out how I managed to pack a lifetime of memories in a carry on! Stay tuned for part two!

Y'all see that alpaca!? It's name is Marley and not so fun fact: he's a spitter!

When I tell y'all Vegas had no respect for my skin! I was ashy 95% of my time there! Butttt, this time my feet weren't ashy! It was the desert, I swear!

Outfit Details: Similar Shirt, Skirt & Shades

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