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Beaming & Becoming

“The lesson being that in life you control what you can.” ― Michelle Obama When I finished 'Becoming' a memoir, by my forever First Lady Michelle Obama, I began to realize what an impactful force she has been and continues to be in my life. Before Michelle, no offense to the previous First Ladies and well known women in politics, but I didn't see them as women I could relate too. None of them look as I do, nor did we share similar upbringings, they tended not to have the same integral structure that I hold true. Then came Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama.

I have so many impactful memories of Michelle Obama that have helped shaped me into the person I am today. The first one that come to mind is her appearance on 'Live with Kelly' where she not only surprise a group of jump ropers, but she surprised the audience, viewers and host when she took a turn jumping double-dutch! In that moment, I realized she was smashing through all the preset and perceived notions society had constructed for a First Lady and for a woman of color.

I can go on for awhile about how magically and realistic Michelle Obama is, but I won't. However, I will say, if you have ever felt like you were being viewed under a microscopic lens, that your flaws were all on display for judgement and inspection, if you've ever felt those feelings or just want to feel uplifted read 'Becoming'. You'll thank me later.

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