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Sidewalk Siren No. 4: Museum Moment!

I tried for days to come up with some deep topic to write for this post. I sat in front of my computer, agonizing over what I could write to grab and hold your attention. Something emotional? Maybe Something funny? I kept drawing a blank... so I decided fuck it! Everything does not need to have an emotion attached to it. I could just post these pictures because I looked and felt like a bad bitch! So here are some pictures of me in all my black girl magic glory at one of my favorite places in my neighborhood the Brooklyn Museum!

Special thank you to my photographer Kodi Rene!

Fur: Surfin' Bird Faux Fur Coat. Dress: Gold Knit Turtleneck Sweater, Sold Out (similar/similar). Bag: Zara (not available) Sunnies: SOJOS

All about the details

Museum Mami

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