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Rooftop Series No. 3: Plaid & Boujee!

I was planning on writing something deep about the beginning of a new season and how this is my favorite time of year. How, I view every autumn as a beginning of a new year. I'd add something about the way New York is smells and looks during this season reminds of why I am obsessed with this city. I was going to get into all of that, write something deep and poetic but it's exhausting. Talking about feelings is EXHAUSTING and writing about those feelings is 10x harder! So, I'm just going post some cute pictures without all the emotional mumbo-jumbo. Enjoy!

Blazer: Vintage Henri Bendel Equestrian Blazer, similar : Jones, Chaps, LRL Equestrian

Skirt: Truly for You (no longer available), Similar Skirt: Holiday Skirt, Tartan, Red Plaid

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