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A Little Red Runway

Today you can call me Little Red.

However, you wont find me on the way to grandmothers house.

This look is partly inspired by Joan Holloway + Mad Men and partly inspired by the URGE to wear polka dots!

I thought I would have a bit of fun with this post and give these pictures some funny captions. Enjoy!

This look says^:

"What this bitch ask me?"

"You're lucky God is working

on me... Old me would cut you!"

"You gonna eat that?"

This look says^:"

"No, I heard you the first time." {Blink.. Blink...}

"Sir, if you don't get out of my face, I will have to say something you wont like."

"Them: Why are you still single? You don't get lonely? Girl, if I was you I get a pet or something.

Me: Singing I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T


This look says^:

"Quick question! May I ask

who do you think you are

speaking too?"

"Look at this fool, he don't

even know I'm about to catch

him in a lie... wait for it"

"A Wendy's JBC sounds so

good right now! Mmmm!"

This look says^:

"Me singing any R&B song"

"Me singing the 'Circle of Life"

"THIS IS MY SONG!!!! Hold my purse"

"I am getting so hot, I'm wanna take my clothes off!!"

This looks says^:

"Stunna, by Fenty Beauty"

"I need to hide that chipped


"Waiting on Fenty Beauty to ask me to be a model..."

"Suck it in! Suck it in! #lifemantra"

This looks says^:

"Look normal.. put pose... but like a relaxed pose."

"Every blogger has this picture, you ain't a blogger if you don't"

"I need a picture with EVERY accessory I'm wearing in it"

"Did I mention? Suck it in! Suck it in!"

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