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Fawning Over Fenty

All Hail Rihanna! All Hail Rihanna!

Most people who know me, knows my love for Rihanna's style, beauty and PETTINESS! So in September when she announce and launched Fenty Beauty I nearly lost my mind! It took sheer willpower not to buy one of every single item. This post isn't about my admiration of Rihanna, it's really a post to show off how bomb Fenty Beauty makes me look and feel! I'm not a make up expert, shit I wouldn't even say I'm good at it. Me + Eyeshadow just recently became friendly. Haha! I started really wearing make up only a few years ago, which is deemed pretty late for a person my age. Wearing make up was difficult because I could never find a foundation color that matched my skin tone. It was always too light, too dark or too red! It is a problem that I naïvely thought only occurred to me and me alone, however I now know a lot of woman faced the same issue. Without breaking the bank, Fenty Beauty created my perfect shade (390 btw) and for that this former self described ugly duckling feels like a beautiful swan!

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