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Hola Havana

Captivating! Colorful! Complex! Cuba was/is everything I wanted it to be and much more! It's a raw, vibrant and engaging country. I find the best way to describe it, is the phrase "Beautifully Broken". Mostly due to crumbling architecture next to fully restored constructed buildings. With that being said, my favorite thing about Cuba, (besides the food) were the people! The Cuban people, I can not sing their praises loud enough. My understanding of the Spanish language is meh and understandable (at best) when spoken slowly, but the Cuban people made me feel as if there were no language barriers at all. I felt as though I was coming back to my homeland. From my Airbnb hostesses (I stayed at two different places) to the driver Juan, who took me off the beaten path and showed me his Havana, the Cuban people could not be more warm and inviting. Here is just a glimpse of the phenomenal city that is La Habana.

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