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See Ya Summer!

As Summer whines down, I want to take a moment to say bye, see you later and thank you to my summer suits.

A few of you might not know, but I have had and I continue to have struggles with body confidence and skin appreciation. However, this year I not only saw major changes on how I view my body and my skin but I felt those changes as well. From how I pose in front of a camera to the outfits I choose to wear. Now it took me awhile to get to this current level of self admiration, but I guess faking it until I actually made it worked! As well as having an amazing support system who drown me with love and compliments, my besties are truly the best, thanks girls! Having all that, plus finding the perfect summer suits made this summer unforgettable! I'm not constantly content with my body or skin image, however this summer and these suits helped boost my self-esteem astronomically.

Now from the outside peering in, these summer suits may not be conventional or modest, and one would say "If you have this internal struggle why would you ever choose to wear those kinds of suits"? To which I'd reply, "as soon I put them on, all my anxiety melted away, they made me feel womanly, sexy, bold and comfortable"! It's not about what it looks like, it's about how it makes you feel.

Okay enough with my yapping, lets get to looking.

See ya summer suits, you did more than you'll ever know.

Orange Summer Suit : Sold Out in Orange, here it is in black Similar Styles: Marysia, Knot-Front Swimsuit for Women, Jade Swim

Green Summer Suit: High Cut Bikini Similar Style: Ribbed Bikini

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